Keynote Address on Why Non-Profits, Open Source and Drupal Matter - to each other and the world

Michael Haggerty, CEO and Chief Internet Strategist of Trellon, will present the Keynote for the Florida DrupalCamp 2012. The Keynote will address Drupal's impact on non-profit technology and what we can all can do to support the community. He'll explain why Drupal, and open source in general, is so important to non-profits. According to Michael, Drupal can not only lower the cost to create and maintain a digital presence and enable advocacy and activism, it can also help "future proof" non-profits - reducing risk by lowering dependence on technology that can become obsolete or overpriced.

He'll introduce CRM Core, a community project that provides a sustainable platform for Contact Management and much more. It not only allows people to store contacts and integrate with other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, it also provides a framework for applications like online petitions, donations, event management, social networking and fulfillment. This can be important news for non-profits - reducing technology cost and risk enables them to focus more resources on their mission.

Michael is a social entrepreneur and the CEO / Chief Internet Strategist for Trellon, LLC ( He works with non-profit, NGO, academic and socially responsible business clients as a strategic advisor on a range of technology, organization and communications issues. The company he founded, Trellon, is considered an elite consulting firm and plays a key role in the development of the Drupal and CiviCRM systems.

Michael has a passion for using open source tools to build thoughtful, effective solutions that achieve real world goals. He co-founded Trellon in 2003 in the midst of a presidential campaign, building open source tools for self-organizing and spreading the word through social networks. This work provided him with great insights into the potential for open source and online communities, and an understanding of the gaps that exist in the market for supporting such systems.

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