Special Interest Group Round Tables

This year I request that the Special Interest Groups (Round Tables, SIGS or Birds of a Feather BOAFs) be formalized, with a dedicated time slot with no other sessions going on. Each Round Table should be set up in advance with a Topic, a Leader and an Agenda. Each Leader will network with other interested people in advance to develop the Agenda and will lead off the discussion with a 10 minute overview of the topic. Each Round Table Leader should collect cards and send out information both before and after to improve networking and information exchange. The Round Tables locations will be announced on the Bulletin Board.

I volunteer to help organize and publicize the topics and to be the Leader of one of the Round Tables. (probably Semantics, RDF and Taxonomy although there are a lot of other things I would be interested in also, including Geography, Location and Mapping)

I believe formalizing the Round Tables will allow people to get more out of the Camp and to be more proactive and interactive before, during and after the conference.

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