Seek out Birds of a Feather at Lunch

At lunch there will be signs on tables reflecting special topics so you can meet people who share your interests, have meaningful lunchtime conversations and maybe even get some answers to questions you've been struggling with. So be sure to cruise around and find the table that is the best color match for your feathers! There will probably be some late entries so make sure you check them all out.

If you have a topic that you would like to suggest place a comment here. And if you are willing to kick off the discussion with a brief overview of the topic that would be great - just sign up to be the Table Leader. Also if anyone wants to be the Table Leader for any of these topics below, please let us know. So far we have:

Online Fund Raising Tools and Success - Eileen
Non-Profit Technical
Module Development
Semantics, Taxonomy and SEO - Maggie
CRM - new tools for Contact and Customer Relationship Management

Nonprofit technical - clarification?

Wondering how we might break out non-profit technical even further - depending on interest of course.

Also we might get some good cross-over if we don't limit it to non-profit. What areas did you think this might cover?

Maybe we could break out several tables here?

Color Coding

I just wanted to share Maggie's suggestion via email of color coding the discussion by theme. Sort of, "color tagging" non-profit, marketing, technical.

We've got plenty of tables, so speak up if you have an idea for either a theme or a specific discussion!


I agree Non-Profit technical isn't quite right. The one suggestion was for Fundraising and Success - which seemed more strategy and planning oriented. How about

Social Media
Attracting Members to Organizations
Encouraging member participation
Crowdsourcing - Wiki-like features to encourage site visitor information contribution

other ideas??? We are wide open at this point.
We also wanted to place a sign on the bulletin board for last minute suggestions. It's all about sharing interests and information and meeting people.

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