Don't Work Without a Net

I see it all the time. People getting permanently injured on the job. Companies running reckless through the lives and well-being of their employees. Both frustratingly ignorant of their ignorance. After months, sometimes years, they call me in to look around, examine the mess, and try to put it right. Mostly, they’re just working without a net.

Let’s face it, software development isn’t exactly a deadly art. The kind of personal injury you might incur from running a reckless software project has more to do with reputation and financial expense than your ability to walk afterwards (depending on your clients). Still, those consequences can be damning to a project or a person, and as freelancers, we can’t really afford to lose money, time, or street cred.

Every industry has its safety measures. Let me show you what I’ve shown countless other clients: the hard-hats, safety glasses, and steel-toe boots of the software industry. Donning these simple protective practices and using the right tools, you’ll be more confident about your ability to work unfettered. Stress levels will decrease, productivity will increase, and you won’t be calling some pricey heavy-hitter to help you sort out the mess.

Big Couch
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