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Ryan Price
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Trainer and Consultant
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Sun Storm Lab
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Trainer Ryan Price has built entertainment sites, social networks, and eCommerce sites for clients including Popular Science, Field and Stream and Outdoor Life magazines. With over 10 years of experience building sites with PHP and other technologies, Ryan began immersing himself in Drupal around 2006. Ryan often teaches and writes articles along with Mike Anello, and the duo is also known for producing the DrupalEasy Podcast with their host Andrew Riley.

Orlando, FL


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6 years 6 weeks
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Tue, 2012-03-20 11:13

  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "Packaging of distributions is improving, and figure out the revenue module with Drupal distros. Distributions will be 1st class citizens" 11:13am #
  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "Drupal 8 timeline - feature freeze Dec 1st - Drupal 8 comes out in 18 mos. Do some analysis, Design and Implement them before Dec #drupalcon" 11:13am #
  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "Initiative update - HTML5 is doing well, multilingual support, and many initiatives need more help. Core convos and sessions at #drupalcon" 11:13am #

Fri, 2012-03-16 20:06

  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "@ultimike just browsing. I was om my way to #pla12 and then there was a line of peiple waiting for iPads." 8:06pm #
  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "Good beer good company (with Marc at Resurrection Ale House) [pic] — http://t.co/pK61N3Js" 7:41pm #
  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "In the home town of @gruber and wishing I knew where he hung out. For all I know he was in the Apple store at the same time as me today." 5:30pm #
  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "Having an awesome time at #pla12 unconference - talking about TransMedia - my notes are at http://t.co/CKypwJxd" 1:05pm #

Thu, 2012-03-15 15:53

  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "@eddiejams colder than Florida for sure. Hoping to have a good weekend up here." 3:53pm #
  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "@eddiejams Interesting - I am in Philly right now but live in Orlando - you going to check out @flcreatives on Monday?" 2:49pm #

Wed, 2012-03-14 20:51

  • Twitter ryanprice tweeted "@learningdrupal so what if my H2O has some hops and yeast? It's a free country after all!" 8:51pm #
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