Drupal Theming: Tips & Tricks

In this beginner level session, we will discuss the basics of theming a site in Drupal. This session is deigned for people who are new to Drupal and want to learn the first steps how to make it look the way that they want. You may want to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and a dash of PHP to feel comfortable, though it's certainly not required.

Using a base theme (Fusion), we will discuss the following:
1. What the different theme files mean (tpl.php, CSS, .info, etc) and how they interact to make a Drupal theme work.
2. How to make changes and override what Drupal gives you

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Designing for Action

Designing a web site is sometimes mistakenly thought of as a strictly artistic endeavour. This presentation will demonstrate that the design of a web site has direct implications on its return on investment.

Web sites are built with a purpose in mind. Whether it is to sell a widget, sell advertising, or increase participation in a cause, most web sites have a measurable purpose that can clearly determine if the web site is successful. Designing a site to maximize these actions is a crucial element in a site's overall success.

Big Couch
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How to successfully work with designers (and not get charged with assault)

An insiders look inside the highly sensitive brain of designers. What makes them tick? What ticks them off? Speaker & designer Steve Hall has worked with code people since way before Al Gore invented the Internet. He’ll explain how to speak to creative types in a language they understand and how to understand what a designer does so you can explain it to your client. You’ll learn how to explain what you really want to the designer and how to sell your designer and their work to your client. And, you’ll learn how much designers charge for their work and how to conduct yourself during the job.

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